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Large Format Posters and Prints

To order or for additional information, please call Customer Service at 412-826-9450 or email us at

Full-color with full-bleed posters are great attention getters. 13"x19" is the perfect size for business, schools, theaters, sporting events and non-profit organizations. We also can do larger formats sized 18x24, 24x36, 30x36, 30x42 and also custom sizes, all printed on high quality photo paper.

13x19 Posters

Qty. Full Color
1-24 $3.00ea
25 $2.50ea
50 $2.00ea
100 $1.50ea
250 $1.25ea
500 $1.00ea
1000 $.85ea

Large Format Posters

 Full color posters printed on STANDARD 20# paper (lower quality)

13x26 $4 ea.
18x24 $15 ea.
24x36 $25 ea.
30x36 $31 ea.
30x42 $40 ea.

High Quality Posters Printed on Photo Quality Paper

Other sizes available, give us a call for a quote. Add Foam board for $6.00ea extra.

Size Price Each
18x24 $12.00ea
24x36 $25.00ea
30x36 $31.00ea
30x42 $40.00ea